Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming soon: A new Publix and new Library

"Breakfast Point Marketplace"

The parking areas have been paved but not yet striped and most of the landscaping is now in place. The 'new' Publix is a mile closer to NCC.

The exterior work on the Publix, Dunkin Donuts and Office Depot has almost been finished but interiors need work and they will open approx late May at Back Beach and Beckrich just 300 ft from the strip mall now containing the Home Depot store.


On April 9 there was a ground breaking for the new $2.23 million, 11,000 square ft, PCB branch of the public library which is to be located at the corner of Lyndell Lane and Hutchison Boulevard (Middle Beach Road). It will share space on that property with the Senior Center and Lyndell Community Center.

The completion date for the new library is tentatively set for February 2010. The Panama City Beach Library branch serves over 72,500 patrons a year, having 64,000 books checked out yearly and over 300 people using the old library weekly. The old facility, next to PCB City Hall was far to small for community needs.

The new branch will have 240 parking spaces and the new building will have an open space feel with greater spacing out of the shelves to add more walking area.

Rooms dedicated to reading, children’s programs and a literacy meeting room will provide additional space for those activities. There will also be more room for books than in the current cramped 4,500-square-foot branch located at U.S. 98 and State 79, next to the PCB City Hall.

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