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Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3/2 NCC Condos now available at $51,000

As you know the 4 Waterstone condos are in foreclosure, the first to be sold at the Courthouse steps is #710, and it brought only $51,000, and was sold to Compass Bank, who held the mortgage. On 4/27/07 each unit was sold to Waterstone at $164,900 with Compass Bank providing the mortgages.

This leaves a deficit of about $116,000 owed to Compass Bank, the other condos may go in the same range leaving Compass still due about $460,000 from Waterstone/NCPCB Investments. Probably Compass intends to bid on all the remaining units. Of course anyone can buy the remaing 3, if you want a bargain on them then you can go to the north steps of the Bay County Courthouse on the date specified and put in your bid. Details on the 4 NCC units can be found using the direct links below.

RE: #710
8/18/2009 PAYMENT $70.00 RECEIPT #2009044078

710 Sold 8/18/09

712 To be sold 8/31/09 11 a.m.


714 To be sold 9/10/09 11 a.m.


716 To be sold n/a


Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in unpaid quarterly assessments to the condo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Waterstone/NCPCB is finished at NCC

On 8/13 the 3rd of the 4 Waterstone condos in the 7 building was foreclosed (with a summary judgment of $167,517) and will be sold at the Courthouse at 11 am on 9/10/09. The last of the 4 (#716) has a final hearing on 8/26.
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You may recall that on July 15, Compass Bank of Birmingham, Al received a 'Summary Judgment in Foreclosure' for the Waterstone condo #710 in the amount of $167,088. This unit is to be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. Aug 18th at the Bay County Courthouse.
On July 29th Compass Bank received another Judgement, this time for the Waterstone condo #712 for $167,517 and it will be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. on Aug 31st.

Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in past quarterly assessments to the condo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The management firm at NCC has forwarded the paperwork to the association attorney to file liens on the below 8 units:

Unit - Name - Amount Owed

210 Smith, Dan $1,962
307 Cahours, Jeremiah $1,937
702 Ussery, Norman $1,962
710 Waterstone $1,400
712 Waterstone $1,400
714 Waterstone $1,400
716 Waterstone $1,400
808 Spells, Barry $1,400

(Once filed these amount increase by a $37 filing fee, $25 late fee and a $250 attorney fee)

You may recall that 6 liens* already exist for:
506 Grass, Fred $3,348
305 Kristoff, Patricia $5,443
105 Turner, David $1,398
201 Kennedy, Joseph $2,811
705 Reyes, Juan $3,192
601 Karami, Alamdar $2,737

* Note: Amounts shown reflect the amount 'owed' by the unit owner and not the amount of the lien. Ex: Grass owes $3,348 but when the lien was filed it was for $1,923 and amount owed has increased since then.

FYI: Currently other foreclosures are proceeding regarding:

716 Waterstone
714 Waterstone
712 Waterstone
710 Waterstone
401 Thomas
405 Kennedy *
201 Kennedy *
305 Kristoff
506 Grass
512 Mundt

* On 04/17/2009 JOSEPH LAMAR KENNEDY filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Federal Court, Case 09-50239 Mr. Kennedy was being foreclosed on for his 2 condos 201 and 405.

For an article on how foreclosure works go to:

What are a renter's rights in Foreclosure? See:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Nautilus Cove Condo Courtesy Officer is Mr. Shaun Maguadog, a PCB Police Officer. He can be reached at 850 238-1868 for condo related problems.


40 Owners at NCC owe over $41,881 in past due quarterly dues and late fees.

Those who owe the most are:

305 Patricia Kristoff $5,443
705 Juan Reyes $3,192
201 Joseph Kennedy $2,811
601 Alamdar Karami $2,737
210 Dan Smith $1,962
512 Edward Mundt $1,962
702 Norman Ussery $1,962
205 Aaron Hall $1,423
105 David Hall $1,398
710 Waterstone Resort Realty LLC $1,400
712 Waterstone Resort Realty LLC $1,400
714 Waterstone Resort Realty LLC $1,400
716 Waterstone Resort Realty LLC $1,400

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hupp and Cahours file suit against Nautilus Cove Condo for Fraud

On 4/30/09 Jeremiah Cahours and Scott Hupp filed a 5 count suit against Nautilus Cove Condominium Association, Concord Management Group, and Seagrove on the Beach Property Management. On 5/1/09 3 summons were issued for those firms. The 5 count suit alleges, among other things, both Fraud and Breach of Fiducary duty in that the defendants "failed to provide adequate maintenance to keep the security and gated entry to the property operational."

In early 2008 Jeremiah Cahours (307) and Scott Hupp (515) had their expensive motorcycles stolen from our NCC parking lot. Cahours lost a 2007 Yamaha and Hupp lost a 2006 Suzuki.

At that time the gates and cameras were not functioning and anyone could come onto the property.

After over a year of trying to deal with the Association and the 2 management firms both owners have filed suit alleging that the association failed to maintain security equipment (front gate and security monitoring cameras) resulting in the theft of their motorcycles.

I'm only surprised they waited so long to file. The Association BOD has never been cooperative with any owner, and when I say BOD just read it as the complex 'Developers', 2 out of 3 BOD positions and 2 out of 3 'officers' are Developers, and they have absolutely NO interest at all in this condo complex.

So good luck to Cahours and Hupp, it will probably be a very long time before the matter is settled as DELAY is the name of the game when dealing with the BOD here.

For Details See: http://tinyurl.com/rde7ap

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

William Harris v. Nautilus Cove Condominium Assn, Inc and Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC

For those of you following this civil suit you might recall that it started on June 10, 2008 and on Jan 13, 2009 this matter was scheduled for arbitration May 12, 2009 at 9:30 a.m., at the law office of Hutto and Bodiford in Panama City, Florida. The attorney for Nautilus Cove Condominium is Steven Applebaum who had insisted that the matter go to arbitration.

In the latest nonsense from attorney Applebaum, he writes in part: "I cannot agree to the arbitration that is presently scheduled for May 12, 2009, in the above referenced matter. My assistant scheduled the arbitration date without my knowledge and I have just been made aware of said date . . . my client will not be attending the arbitration . . . and I ask that it be cancelled. In any event my client will not be bound by any decision made at arbitration if you intend to move forward with the arbitration."

Total costs are estimated at $25,000.
Details at: http://nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com/


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nautilus Cove Condominiums

This is a secondary or spin off blog site of the main Nautilus Cove site which you can find at: http://nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com/

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming soon: A new Publix and new Library

"Breakfast Point Marketplace"

The parking areas have been paved but not yet striped and most of the landscaping is now in place. The 'new' Publix is a mile closer to NCC.

The exterior work on the Publix, Dunkin Donuts and Office Depot has almost been finished but interiors need work and they will open approx late May at Back Beach and Beckrich just 300 ft from the strip mall now containing the Home Depot store.


On April 9 there was a ground breaking for the new $2.23 million, 11,000 square ft, PCB branch of the public library which is to be located at the corner of Lyndell Lane and Hutchison Boulevard (Middle Beach Road). It will share space on that property with the Senior Center and Lyndell Community Center.

The completion date for the new library is tentatively set for February 2010. The Panama City Beach Library branch serves over 72,500 patrons a year, having 64,000 books checked out yearly and over 300 people using the old library weekly. The old facility, next to PCB City Hall was far to small for community needs.

The new branch will have 240 parking spaces and the new building will have an open space feel with greater spacing out of the shelves to add more walking area.

Rooms dedicated to reading, children’s programs and a literacy meeting room will provide additional space for those activities. There will also be more room for books than in the current cramped 4,500-square-foot branch located at U.S. 98 and State 79, next to the PCB City Hall.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


1) Concord Management
Just in case you missed the Q & A to the BOD, an owner asked:
Q. How is managers time spent between HOA and leasing?
A. It averages half on Association and half on Leasing.

Lower down in the blog you will find the NCC/Concord Management Agreement and the NCC 2009 Budget. Concord bills $25 x 168 condos, for $4,200 monthly or a total $50,400 a year, plus various additional expenses. The Budget provides for Management Fees of $70,400.

For this $70,000 a year we get a part time manager. Concord is charging us full time rates for part time work. In other words, they work for NCC 'part time', when they are not busy renting out the 60 unsold units that the developer owns.

2) BOD/Officers
The duties of the BOD* are to hire the manager, enforce the DOC and R&Rs, budget and financial matters, appoint committees. The duties of the Officers** (Pres, VP, Seretary, Treasurer) are the day to day running of the complex in conjunction with the manager.

The BOD 'elects' the Officers, said officers can be replaced at will by the BOD. The only input that the owners have is to elect the BOD who then, and without any input from the owners, 'elect' the Officers.

So just who are the BOD at NCC?
Norman Knight, Paul Missigman & Leonard DiGiacomo

And who are the 'Officers' at NCC?

Norman Knight, Paul Missigman & Leonard DiGiacomo

Mr. DiGiacomo is an owner, the other 2 are developers of NCC. I haven't seen anything to indicate that our owner on the BOD in any way opposes the other 2 developer members in anything, and in fact he seems so popular that he nominated himself for VP and was 'elected' by the BOD. So it appears that they are all so pleased with themselves that they are quite happy to keep electing themselves as Officers.

While there should be a 2nd Owner on the BOD in about 18 months it will probably be the Annual General Meeting in 2010 when we will finally be able to have 2 BOD members who will be working for the owners best interests. At that time we can appoint other owners as Officers and we will be finished with the nonsense of having the BOD elect themselves as Officers.

Hopefully one of the first things the new 2010 NCC administration will do is to replace Concord Management with a management firm that will work full time for their $70,000 a year. The developer can find some other realtor to shill for his unsold condos.

* See: http://tinyurl.com/cao9bs
** See: http://tinyurl.com/dm3z42

Contact info for the above is:
Norman Knight Norman.Knight@ced-concord.com
Paul Missigman P.Missigman@atlantichousing.com
Leonard DiGiacomo ljdpcb@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NCC Meetings Dec 20, 2008

Board of Directors Organizational and Budget Meeting
Unapproved Minutes

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Norman Knight at 9:25am.

Appointment of Chairman
Norman Knight was elected to Chair the Meeting.

Election of Officers
Lenny DiGiacomo made a motion to elect the officers as follows: Norman Knight, President; Lenny DiGiacomo, Vice President; Paul Missigman, Secretary/Treasurer. Paul Missigman seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Proof of Notice
Norman Knight stated that the notice of the meeting was posted onsite and mailed to each Owner as required.

Approval of Minutes
Norman Knight asked for a motion to defer this till the next meeting. Lenny made motion as requested. The motion was seconded by Paul Missigman and approved unanimously.

Committee and Officer Reports
Lenny DiGiacomo stated the Fining Committee was established in July. Thus far no fines have been issued and there is nothing to report.

Dean Price and Jay Brock resigned from the Board in the summer. Norman Knight and Paul Missigman were appointed to fill the vacancies respectively.

Due to no Owners other then Lenny DiGiacomo running for the Owner’s Representative vacancy there was not an election.

Approval of 2009 Budget
Norman Knight stated the Board further reviewed the budget after it was mailed out and proposed increasing the pool maintenance, grounds supplies and clean up, and insurance line items. Norman also explain that water and sewer was billed individually but would now be included in dues. Norman explained that the insurance is in bulk with other properties insurance so the Association could take advantage of lower rates. The Association’s policy is property specific and individual but because of buying so many properties together there is a reduced bulk rate that the Association is able to benefit from. Norman Knight recommended incrementally increasing the insurance line item each year to prepare owners for the large insurance increase at turnover.

The following questions were directed to the Board and Management by the Owners.

Will the management fees will increase.
Norman replied that they are likely not to increase.

Explain the large increase in electric and phone expense.
Norman stated that this is due to both bad budgeting and the Developer paying portion of expenses during 1st part of year due to the sales efforts.

Why isn’t the sales office paying rent? Why are they using the Association’s space and phones for no charge.
Paul Missigman stated that the Management would make sure they are paying their own costs, for example advertising, phone, etc. Paul Missigman also stated that they would investigate what the Association using of Pelicans versus what they are using of the Association.

How is managers time spent between HOA and leasing?
It averages half on Association and half on Leasing.

Who is Global and Concord?
Global is the development company and Concord is the management company.

Why is the water now included in the association fees?
This change is due to requirements in the Florida Statutes.

How many units are past due and what is the procedure for collecting the past due amounts.
There are two units in the foreclosure process and five other units placed with the Attorney for collections and now have liens placed against them. When a unit is behind a past due notice is sent. If payment is still not received it is placed with the attorney who sends out a collection notice. If the account remains unpaid a lien is filed against the unit that could turn into foreclosure.

Lenny DiGiacomo made a motion to approve the 2009 budget as amended with quarterly assessments of $675.00 per unit. Paul Missigman se3conded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business to discuss.

New Business
Chairs – Norman Knight explained the concerns regarding exterior items and unsightly occurrences. The Board agreed to continue to enforce the condominium documents. You may have a chair out while using it but it must be brought in when not using it.

Pets – There was a brief discussion about the size of the dogs in some of the units. Lenny made a motion to grandfather in the large dogs that were previously allowed but, from today forward, enforce 36 lb weight limit. Paul Missigman seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

There was additional discussion about chairs being allowed at the unit entrance. It was asked if the Board would consider approving a standard chair to be left out. Norman Knight recommended speaking with Owners to establish the approved standard. Lenny agreed to speak with Owners about having an approved chair to be left outside and what type of chair they would recommend. He will send the recommendation to the other Board members for consideration and approval.

Lenny DiGiacomo made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Paul Missigman and carried unanimously.

2009 Annual Owners’ Meeting
Unapproved Minutes

Lenny DiGiacomo called the meeting to order at 10:10am December 6, 2008. He stated that there were not enough owners present to obtain a quorum so the meeting will be recessed until December 20, 2008.

After recessing the Owners meeting, Lenny DiGiacomo and the Owners present held an informal discussion. Lenny DiGiacomo stated the Board directed Management to have all items exhibited on the exterior of the buildings removed as stated in the condominium documents. This was done because of the amount of items being exhibited on the exterior of the buildings and the complaints voiced at the previous Owners meeting about this.

Mr. Harris in 708 stated the he feels it should be ok to have plants outside. Joan Morgan in 608 stated that many people do not take care of the plants. Mrs. Jones in 104 asked if the Board could approve a chair to be kept on the exterior. Ms. Casiano in 302 stated that it looked with all the items on the exterior noting that there were coolers, grills, and even a boat chair kept outside some of the entrance doors. Lenny DiGiacomo stated that the Board would consider adopting a particular type of chair that could be left outside the entrance doors.

The Owner of 104 asked if the Board and Management could look into ways to improve the dumpster area and people leaving furniture and garbage outside of the compactor. The Owners of 302 (Casiano) and 608 (Morgan) commented on the amount of dog feces that is not being picked up and a better schedule for emptying the common area trash receptacles. Lenny DiGiacomo stated that Management is already working on that and added that there is a problem with people putting their household garbage in these cans instead of taking it to the compactor and that lids on the cans were going to be locked to the cans in an attempt to stop this from happening.

Mr. Harris, owner of 708, asked what Concord Management’s requirements are for those people wishing to lease from them. Kay Dobbins stated that there is a minimum house income they must meet and that a criminal background check, a credit check, a rental reference check, and an employment verification done on each applicant.

Ms. Casiano (302) stated that the Owner’s renters are the worst. Mr. Harris asked if the Board could require owners to hold their leases to the same standard as Concord.
It was asked if the security cameras and the recording equipment form them are working properly. Yes, they are.

Kay Dobbins provided an update on the status of the cable television contract. She stated that MDU Communications has agreed to sell the contact to another cable service provider. Kay has met with Knology and is scheduled to meet with Comcast to discuss the possibility of either buying out the contract. There is no timeline for this happening yet but Management is working very hard to get this done as quickly as possible.

Mr. Harris in 708 asked Lenny DiGiacomo about the level of cooperation he is getting from the developer board members. Lenny stated that they are good to respond and they ask for his input and recommendations to issues that come before the Board. He added that they work well together.

Lenny DiGiacomo explained the proper procedure for anyone having a complaint is to first submit any issues in writing to the Management. The Management will bring to the Board all items that need that have been submitted.

It was asked how many of the condos have been sold.
108 of the 168 condos have been sold.

2009 Annual Owners’ Meeting Reconvened
Unapproved Minutes

December 20, 2008

Call to Order
The Owners meeting was reconvened and called to order at 9:00am by Norman Knight.

Appointment of Chairman
Lenny DiGiacomo nominated Norman Knight as Chairman of the meeting. There were no other nominations.

Election of Directors
Norman Knight stated there was not an election as Lenny DiGiacomo was the only Owner that submitted a letter of intent to run for the Board.

Proof of Notice
Norman Knight stated that notice of the meeting was sent to all Owners as required.

Reading & Approval of Minutes
Lenny made a motion to approve minutes from the 2007 Owners’ Meeting as presented. Joan Morgan of 608 second the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Report of Officers and Committees
No were no reports of Officers or Committees. Lenny DiGiacomo added that a fining committee has been established and to date no fines have been issued.

Unfinished Business
There is no unfinished business.

New Business
Joan Morgan in 608 asked about approving a chair for the exterior of the condos. Lenny DiGiacomo stated this would be done at the board Meeting.

Kay Dobbins explained the status of the cable contract. She has met with Knology and is meeting with Comcast to discuss the possibility of either of them buying out the contract from MDU Communications.

Lenny DiGiacomo made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Mr. Jones, owner of 104. Motion carried unanimously.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Legal Update: Harris v. Waterstone and NCC BOD

Readers here might recall that I had some complaints about the rental of condos by Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC and complained to the NCC BOD repeatedly From Sept 07 until June 10, 2008 when I had my attorney file suits against both Waterstone and the NCC Association.

The matter was ordered to Arbitration by Judge Costello over 2 months ago. So far both the NCC BOD and Waterstone (now known as NCPCB Investments, LLC) have been totally uncooperative in setting a date for this to proceed.

I do understand why Waterstone/NCPCB Investments seek a delay, in my opinion, they are as close to going out of business as to make no real difference. They are behind on their assessments, haven't paid their mortgage to Compass Bank since July 08 and are now in forclosure on 710, 712, 714 and 716, so the delay is an obvious attempt to avoid having to answer for their screw up in renting illegally.

The motives of the Association BOD is less clear. I would write this off to simple indifference on their part as 2 of the 3 BOD members are developers of the complex and really could not care less what happens here.

The problem is that this matter will eventually be heard and decided with the loser paying ALL costs and attorney fees for both sides. Since I am not dumb enough to start a civil action that wasn't a sure winner I'm afraid that, with Waterstone pretty much down the tubes, the NCC owners will be on the hook for the costs and attorney fees of about $25,000. This will probably mandate a special assessment as there is no provision in the 2009 budget for this.

The matter never needed to go to court in the first place, but the BOD and Seagrove Management Company repeatedly ignored the complaints about the condo misuse. In fact the BOD and current management company (Concord) are still ignoring another similar matter with the misuse of 706.

Details can be found at:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today in History:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are you sure you don't have time to read my blog?

You might find something here you like!
Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC owns 4 units at Nautilus Cove in PCB and as well as being behind on their quarterly assessments on all four a foreclosure has filed on their unit 710 on 2/20/09 by Compass Bank in Birmingham. Their tax liens remain as do several civil suits.

Also as to Nautilus Cove - 46 units are behind on their quarterly assessments, 10 by minor amounts, 12 by signifigant amounts.

Liens are filed on 6 units and 7 are being foreclosed on.

No condos have been sold this year and only three last year. 60 unsold remain in the hands of the developer (who is renting them out where he can) with 108 having been sold.

See also:




Monday, January 12, 2009

You can find this article at the local blog site:
http://pcbdaily.com/?p=3249 and is reproduced here as there is some relevance to NCC in that Waterstone owns 4 units here in building 7. Plus a NCC owner is currently suing them. Skip down to other posts if you have no interest in this article


Throwing Stones at Waterstone
Written by Jason Koertge
Last Updated: January 12, 2009

Waterstone Resorts and Vacation Homes offer vacation rentals all over the state of Florida. On Panama City Beach they claim to manage properties from ten different resorts. The company’s website is full of glowing reviews and recommendations but if someone just scratches the Google search service a little, they will find numerous negative claims about Waterstone. If that is not enough a check of their status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) finds a C- rating due to a series of unresolved complaints. On a Waterstone blog website there is evidence that the BBB has given them an unsatisfactory rating, but this has not been discovered in any BBB materials as of yet.

“Waterstone Sucks,” seems to be the ringing sentiment of many current and past clients of the company found on blog websites all over the internet.

Jim Pitts, an owner at Calypso Resorts and Towers that used Waterstone, stated that he inspected his unit three times last year and each time the unit was filthy.
“The carpet was so dirty it had to be replaced,” Pitts said. “There was filth everywhere. The walls were marked up, dust and dirt caked on baseboards, light bulbs and even the toaster was dirty.”

Pitts wrote a handwritten note and email to Waterstone stating that he no longer wanted them to manage his properties. His communications went ignored until he sent a certified letter sometime later demanding that tenants be removed from his property and that Waterstone cease any further management of his property.
Pitts also feels that the company is unethical and unfair in their fee structure and maintenance.

“They charge the owner for travel agent fees on top of their own (fees) and they charge the owner for ‘credit card’ use. They will charge the owner a minimum of $22.50 every time they so much as set foot in the unit to do anything,” Pitts said.

“They rip the owners off with the keyless entry crap and owners of Calypso units need to understand that these people are absolutely ruining our investments. They need to be removed from the premises.”

Bill Harris, another individual who has had dealings with Waterstone, has set up numerous blog websites for angered property owners to vent their passions about Waterstone. These can be found at: http://www.waterstonerealty.blogspot.com/,
http://www.calypsoresorttowers.blogspot.com/, http://www.nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com/ and http://www.nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com/ .

Harris claims that Waterstone owns four units at Nautilus Cove Condominiums and that the company is currently past due on their condo’s quarterly assessments. There is also evidence that the State of Florida has already four outstanding liens against the company for over $118,000. If the Nautilus Cove past due amounts were not paid by the end of ’08 then Waterstone will be facing new liens.

Waterstone seems to find them self in a public relation nightmare. When a company ignores claims from concerned clients, there are avenues that these clients can take to attack the company’s reputation. As of right now, a Google search of “Waterstone Panama City” brings up typical listings for the company. The company should be aware that as these blog websites attract new participants there could be a day, not far off, that one of these blog websites could be ranked by a search engine right underneath the Waterstone website or even above it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Owner Statistics at NCC:

Of the 168 condo units at NCC, 60 remain unsold (36%).

Of the 108 which have been sold 83 (76%) belong to owners listing a Florida address:
* Panama City Beach: 57
* Panama City: 10
* Florida elsewhere: 16

Other States represented are:
Georgia: 6
Alabama: 6
Tennessee: 4
1 each for: VA, CA, NJ, MI, CT, WI, AZ
Military: 2


Monday, December 29, 2008

NCC Makes the Top Ten List for being screwed up!

Top Stories for 2008 on PCBDAILY.COM

Jason Koertge has an interesting blog site (http://pcbdaily.com/) which has news and comments titled, Panama City Beach News and Information.

He recently named the top 10 stories for 2008 on his blog.

Nautilus Cove is one of the 3 articles dealing with problems at local condos and the condo market as a whole.

We are #4 on the list of ten, with Koertge's initial input on the situation and 30 'comments' from readers.

The direct click on link to the NCC story is: http://pcbdaily.com/?p=3151


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waterstone is a Bad Neighbor. If you use Waterstone to rent out your unit or if there is a Waterstone managed unit in your building you should look at: http://nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com & http://waterstonerealty.blogspot.com

For over a year I have tried dealing with Waterstone over substantial violations of our condo documents and ended up having to file suit in Bay County Court over their misuse of their property when a renter used at least 3 of their 4 owned units at Nautilus Cove Condominium in Panama City Beach to house foreign workers in the Waterstone units, making them in effect a dormitory for hourly workers at the local Marriott Resort.

My complaints to Stephanie Morris, now promoted to Director of Operations at Waterstone Resorts & Vacation Homes, were ignored and I finally had to hire an attorney to file suit.Waterstone is rated as 'Unacceptable' by the Better Business Bureau' for not responding to complaints, mine included.Take a look at the above blogs for photos and a fuller account of this consumer unfriendly business.

If you rent out your condo via Waterstone or if you have a Waterstone condo near you then you will find out just how bad a company this is.

Bill Harris
Panama City Beach, Fla


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Clerk of Court
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Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification
Property Tax Forms:
2009 Installment Application

Thursday, November 13, 2008



NAUTILUS COVE CONDOMINIUM, located at 13700 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, Florida 32407Please click on one of the below blogs to take you to the up to date blogs about this condominium:



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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today in History:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Information you might find of interest about the various Waterstone LLC’s
Local real estate entrepreneurs Alan O’Neal, Ben Edwards, Michael ‘Chad’ Gilliland and Howard Granberry have approx 20 LLC’s and DBA’s, most having Waterstone” in their titles*.

WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY, L.L.C. has now changed its name to: NCPCB INVESTMENTS, L.L.C. Ben Edwards and Chad Gilliland had their names removed from this sinking ship, leaving only Alan O’Neal as manager of the LLC. Their 4 condos at Nautilus Cove in PCB are now foreclosed and sold. The last condo going on the ‘Courthouse steps’ on 9/28/09. They leave Nautilus Cove Condominium, 13700 Panama City Beach Pky, PCB, owing approx $8,000 in unpaid Assn. dues and 4 unpaid liens to the association. Compass Bank got stuck for approx. $660,000 in dud mortgages. Waterstone was a bad neighbor and by any name will not be missed.

WATERSTONE RESORTS, L.L.C. has finally paid off the 4 Warrants/Liens for $116,000 that were filed by the State of Florida for Waterstone’s unpaid Sales and Use taxes which were not turned over to the State.

Waterstone spends a lot of time in the Bay County Courts, a few suits for debts were settled, 3 other civil cases continue, 08-5450CA is alleging Fraud and Breach of Contract with a local firm; 08-CA-2529 is going on 16 months now for improper rental of their now foreclosed N.C.C. condos, renting them for use by a labor contractor who used them as dorms to house foreign workers employeed at the local Marriott Resort; 09-123CA where they sue a blogger for posting online about how bad they are; 5:09-cv-00277-RS-MD in Federal Court they have a Discrimination & Retaliation case courtesy of a former Senior Maintenance worker Mark Ballard, who they fired after 2 injuries at work resulted in Workman’s Compensation Claims.

* the same people involved in the various "Waterstone" companies with various combinations of names.
DBA: Waterstone Real Estate

DBA: Waterstone Real Estate



(Name changed to NCPCB INVESTMENTS, LLC)

DBA: Waterstone Resort, LLC




10) SWF Mgmt, LLC

11) Waterstone Resorts and Vacation Homes

12) Waterstone Realty, LLC
DBA: Waterstone Realty