Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hupp and Cahours file suit against Nautilus Cove Condo for Fraud

On 4/30/09 Jeremiah Cahours and Scott Hupp filed a 5 count suit against Nautilus Cove Condominium Association, Concord Management Group, and Seagrove on the Beach Property Management. On 5/1/09 3 summons were issued for those firms. The 5 count suit alleges, among other things, both Fraud and Breach of Fiducary duty in that the defendants "failed to provide adequate maintenance to keep the security and gated entry to the property operational."

In early 2008 Jeremiah Cahours (307) and Scott Hupp (515) had their expensive motorcycles stolen from our NCC parking lot. Cahours lost a 2007 Yamaha and Hupp lost a 2006 Suzuki.

At that time the gates and cameras were not functioning and anyone could come onto the property.

After over a year of trying to deal with the Association and the 2 management firms both owners have filed suit alleging that the association failed to maintain security equipment (front gate and security monitoring cameras) resulting in the theft of their motorcycles.

I'm only surprised they waited so long to file. The Association BOD has never been cooperative with any owner, and when I say BOD just read it as the complex 'Developers', 2 out of 3 BOD positions and 2 out of 3 'officers' are Developers, and they have absolutely NO interest at all in this condo complex.

So good luck to Cahours and Hupp, it will probably be a very long time before the matter is settled as DELAY is the name of the game when dealing with the BOD here.

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